Fort McKay Centerfire

We are invested in our growth, our people and in the success of every client partnership we establish. 
Through transparency and communication, we will strive to work with Suncor to become the most efficient partner in the region.

Since 2005, Centerfire has been performing Roads & Grounds Maintenance services through numerous successful partnerships in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. During this time we have maintained thousands of kilometers of all season gravel roads, paved roads, winter roads and matted roads. In the last eleven years of performing this scope, we have been able to fine tune our operations to allow for the safest, most efficient, lean operation that we could possibly provide.

In 2016, two community-minded businesses in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo partnered together to create Fort McKay Centerfire. As separate entities, both Fort McKay Resources and Centerfire Group built solid reputations as business leaders and pillars of their respective communities. Together, we not only strengthen our capability to deliver safe, high quality and efficient services, we also build upon our commitment to the aboriginal people of Wood Buffalo and to our vision of continued growth for our communities.