Fort McKay Alcor


Your local & aboriginal solutions for site services and construction services.

In 2015, two community-minded businesses in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo partnered together to forge Fort McKay Alcor – your local and aboriginal solution for site services and construction projects. As separate entities, both Fort McKay Resources and Alcor Facilities Management built solid reputations as business leaders and pillars of the region. Together, we not only strengthen our capability to deliver superior facilities management, site services and construction projects, but we also build upon our commitment to the people of Wood Buffalo and to our vision of continued growth for our community.

The benefactor of this partnership is the customer. With a combined 63-years of experience and community history, Fort McKay Alcor has the expertise, workforce and flexibility to provide trusted, complete site services and cost-conscious solutions that customers can trust, We are invested in our growth, our people and in the success of every customer we serve.